Land Training 2018 > LECTURERS


The course will be taught by leading European senior scientists in optical, thermal and microwave remote sensing. 

Dr. Simon Agass UK Space Agency UK
Dr. Ahmad Al Bitar CESBIO France
Prof. Martin Barstow University of Leicester UK
Dr. Zoltan Bartalis ESA Italy
Dr. Pete Bunting Aberystwyth University UK
Prof. Mario Caetano DGT/NOVA-IMS Portugal
Dr. Gregory Duvellier JRC Italy
Dr. Diego Fernandez ESA Italy
Prof. Laurent Ferro-Famil Univ. of Rennes 1 France
Dr. Magdalena Fitrzyk RSAC c/o ESA Italy
Dr. Darren Ghent NCEO/ Univ. of Leicester UK
Prof. Ramon Hanssen TU Delft Netherlands
Prof. Andy Hooper University of Leeds UK
Dr. Thuy Le Toan CESBIO France
Dr. Arnaud Mialon CESBIO France
Dr. Andrea Minchella Airbus UK
Dr. Jolanda Patruno RHEA c/o ESA Italy
Dr. Mike Perry NCEO/ Univ. of Leicester UK
Prof. Eric Pottier Univ. of Rennes 1 France
M.Sc. Fabrizio Ramoino Serco c/o ESA Italy
Dr. Angelica Tarpanelli CNR Italy
Dr. Sebastian van der Linden Humboldt Univ. Berlin Germany
Prof. Martin Wooster   UK
Dr. Herve Yesou SERTIT France


University of Leicester

University Campus